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1. Generation Lyrics

Generation Lyrics

We're not in paradise Where people jam in cars And maybe you are so afraid Look at me Yeah people come with me And listen to what I have to say Generation A new generation Where we are no enemies duct

2. Generation Pain Lyrics

Generation Pain Lyrics

A nineties disease, a crisis of meaning, absent belief, no rhyme nor any reason Can't face the facts, a hostile new age, I hate these words, I cannot turn the page This is, this is, this is - This is

3. Red White and Blood Lyrics

Red White and Blood Lyrics

What do we do for a living ladies? Kill - Kill - Kill What makes the grass grow? Blood - Blood - Blood Gimme my bullets, gimme my gun I'm gonna go out and kill for some fun I kill withou

4. There Is No Hope Lyrics

There Is No Hope Lyrics

The wild, This generation of lies Do this expose all those changes go roar child Begin shutting all in this life Dispose if we not retire this time Remember the beat of our self, We are the break out

5. Depraved Indifference Lyrics

Depraved Indifference Lyrics

(I kill without fear of consequence) Voices in my head, guiding me and planning out your death Fearless in my rise, to be the greatest killer of all time I slip through the darkness and the

6. Walking Dead Lyrics

Walking Dead Lyrics

Awakened inside this nightmare, the dead have come back to life Survivors hiding in the shadows and moving in the cover of night Everyone you know is now dead in here looking to feed on the flesh

7. Vegas Lyrics

Vegas Lyrics

Wow She left her home and headed for the city of angels Dreaming of her name in lights and all the tabloid pages She stopped along the way for two fun nights in Vegas One hit from that pipe, now she'

8. Born to Serve Lyrics

Born to Serve Lyrics

despite everything you think you know you're ruled by a ruinous pack of lies you mean nothing in the grand scheme of things you're nothing in this vacuum hole of time you are born to serve a one use

9. Prophets of War Lyrics

Prophets of War Lyrics

Are you in fear of retribution For all the actions of your past? In the wake of your destruction All the lives shattered from your wrath Are they haunting you? Do you fell any remorse? With total apa

15. Dark Days Lyrics

Dark Days Lyrics

The knife slices through my vein and solace fills my head The face in the mirror I hate so much, I wish I was dead All the shame that's buried inside of me, my endless suffering Humiliating lone

16. Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover) Lyrics

Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover) Lyrics

This is the first day of my last days I built it up, now I take it apart Climbed up real high, now fall down real far No need for me to stay, the last thing left I just threw it away I put my

17. Let Me Die Lyrics

Let Me Die Lyrics

I live my life and now I waste away I feel the end is coming soon I worked and slaved now tell me all for what I'll die with nothing and no one There's no way there's a god No savior, no b

18. Slow Burn Lyrics

Slow Burn Lyrics

My cock is hard as the bodies burn Searing the flesh with the flame I love the smell of the burning skin And the sound of their tortured screams I strike fear into the heart of man Choose

19. Self Medicating Lyrics

Self Medicating Lyrics

I got some feelings I can't express (you're insane) I spilled my guts this time I confess (you lied again) There's something wrong and I have to say (you'll never learn) Can't go on living my li

20. Feast for the Wolves Lyrics

Feast for the Wolves Lyrics

Precipice lechers feeding on the weak and the lost souls of the world Filthy stink of violence and corruption, breeding societies of fear Cultural murder, panic induced, witch hunt of the modern w