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1. Shemygo (feat. J-Diggs, Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrill) Lyrics

Shemygo (feat. J-Diggs, Reek Daddy & Mr. Skrill) Lyrics

Give me another Bitch Man You didn't peep than man? I need a bitch thats papered up (around here) REMIX (J-Diggs) Ema She Ma Go Whats that Mean? You Wanna Be My ho? X2 1 (J-Diggs) Ema She ma go Wha

2. Really Not a Rapper Lyrics

Really Not a Rapper Lyrics

I'm really not a rapper, I'm real real street wit' it All I did was take my life and mix a little beat wit it I'm deep wit it, i speak it, believe I live that The type of cat that call my dogs and hav

3. Rompaugraphy Lyrics

Rompaugraphy Lyrics

Before Snoop Dogg, Biggie & Pac It was Mac Dre & he ran with the Romp We was California living, the Bay was home And that was way back before E-40 was on It was Too Short bitch, it was all we kno

4. Promise Lyrics

Promise Lyrics

yadadi hmmmm okay It's not a mystery the life I have It's been all on the news I can't hide my past I done been in some trouble, committed some crimes Been sentenced to prison had to finish my time I

5. Mrs. California... Lyrics

Mrs. California... Lyrics

I gots this saucy lil' tender Baby bad to the bone Disrespect lil' mama best to know it be on I go hard for baby girl I can't help but to dig her A lil' jealous cause I know she got more than one nigg