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1. Elevation Lyrics

Elevation Lyrics

How Am I Supposed To Think? Can I Feel? My Hands Are Numb, My Feet Oh No My Dick Is Dumb And The Rain Came Down Plucked My Sight Elevation, Elevation, Elevation How Am I Supposed To Think Now? What's

2. Indifferent Lyrics

Indifferent Lyrics

Distraught In Deprived Thought Within A Golden Rave I Make It A Point Of Being Pointless Brainwash It All Away Distressed And I Detest Vain In A Shade Of Gray Telegraphing All Of My Punches Couldn't F

5. Ego Tripp Lyrics

Ego Tripp Lyrics

Ahahahaha With a guilt ridden frown hidden smiling deep down, laughing at the crowd Nauseating sound Laughing at the crowd, nauseating sound As the blind lead the blind crusade for sight coralled in

6. The Wrist Lyrics

The Wrist Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx The Wrist Acting Tragically, In An Inept Manner Trying To Act Like Something Really Mattered When I Open My Eyes It's All Gone Overthrown By Your Children God Willing Shu

7. Ego Trip Lyrics

Ego Trip Lyrics

Mushroomhead Miscellaneous Ego Trip With A Guilt Ridden Frown Hidden Smiling Deep Down Laughing At The Crowd Nauseating Sound As The Blind Lead The Blind On A Crusade For Sight Cor

8. These Filthy Hands Lyrics

These Filthy Hands Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx These Filthy Hands Haphazardly, Tumbling Hard Fall Right Down, Laugh Out Loud All In The Scheme Of Things, We're All Looking Up Growing Tall It's Like Pulling One Hair You

9. Fear Held Dear Lyrics

Fear Held Dear Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Fear Held Dear Listen Listen To Me Listen Listen To Me Listen You Left Your Mark Like A Handprint In Wet Cement To Make Sure These Regrets I Won't Forget You Tried To Divide

10. Never Let It Go Lyrics

Never Let It Go Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Never Let It Go No I'll Never Ever Let It Go Caressing The Downfall Out Stretched Arms On Your Knees Crawl Filthy And Feeling Low Dancing In The Undertow The Cut That Alway

11. Inevitable Lyrics

Inevitable Lyrics

Mushroomhead Miscellaneous Inevitable There's always a downside impossible together not ever happy apart i cut myself to the bone, again cut it too close to the heart quicksand mig

12. The Final Act Lyrics

The Final Act Lyrics

Mushroomhead Miscellaneous The Final Act Wide eyed sleepers death in motion daylight creepers wearing all night pain bleeding moments spilling over non-existing as they crawl out i

13. 43 Lyrics

43 Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx 43 Mind hemorrhage fuckin' folding chairs in the hallway crucified, paralyzed, you laugh, I cry calculating my miscalculations what is the sign for I'm choking to death?

14. Born Of Desire Lyrics

Born Of Desire Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Born Of Desire Wait I Feel So Helpless In This Haze Better Days Are Laid To Rest. Life's A Test World Of Stress. Who Is Blessed? Can I Get A Little Heart? You Know The De

15. Chancre Sore Lyrics

Chancre Sore Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Chancre Sore Self Absorbed Chancre Sore Love You Like A Matador Life Is Just A Metaphor Nothing's Fair Love Is War Nothing More Love You Like A Matador Nothing More

16. The New Cult King Lyrics

The New Cult King Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx The New Cult King In That Dream I Recall Pieces Of Prisons I'm Escaping In The Next Big Religion I Do The Cross Thing The Cross Thing Which Ever Way The Wind Blows Your M

17. Solitaire Unraveling Lyrics

Solitaire Unraveling Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Solitaire Unraveling Locked Away In A Cage My Rage Has Got The Best Of Me Time Finds A Way Each Day Of Leaving Less Of Me Behind I Find This Fight Must Be Won Inside The Mind

18. Too Much Nothing Lyrics

Too Much Nothing Lyrics

Mushroomhead Xx Too Much Nothing Too much nothing I'm always excusing myself But now it's getting hard to tell the reason why I even care Increasingly I'm unaware Instead of bettering myself I'm c

19. Indifferent Lyrics

Indifferent Lyrics

Mushroomhead Miscellaneous Indifferent Distraught In Deprived Thought Within A Golden Rave I Make It A Point Of Being Pointless Brainwash It All Away Distressed And I Detest Vain I

20. Bwomp Lyrics

Bwomp Lyrics

Got to get together, got to get with the game plan To defeat the dealer that dealt this hand I don't understand why the kids are killing kids When the only one that benefits is the big whigs They're