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1. Rydas Don't Dance Lyrics

Rydas Don't Dance Lyrics

(Bullet) This is Bullit with my Ryda dog Full Clip and we be ridin and ridin and ridin and check this out, we don't, oh shit here comes Sweet Daddy Coconut (Sweet Daddy Coconut) When I walk up in the

2. My Lil Rydas Lyrics

My Lil Rydas Lyrics

she a ride or die she a ride or die she a ride or die she a ride or die ayee-aye i dont think you know she just want to ride around and bus link bus links aint got time to run around with no kids she

3. Ride Out Lyrics

Ride Out Lyrics

Psychopathic Rydas Yah Yah Mothafucka We own Detroit Bitch, put you mothafuckin' hands up Detroit, New York, LA, Florida, Boston Rydas ryde out (Mothafucka) Rydas ryde out (Whut) Rydas ryde out (Yeah

4. Gangsta Shit Lyrics

Gangsta Shit Lyrics

Psychopathic Rydas up in that bitch ass, mutha fucka Trigga deep When you see us coming, turn the fuck around And get the fuck on Lil Shank Speak on these fools I drop gangsta shit With my gangsta

5. Rydin' 4 Life Lyrics

Rydin' 4 Life Lyrics

Psychopathic Rydas... ryde on these bitches... forever and a day... y'all know how we do... it's Westside till we d-izz-ie... Eastside till we d-izz-ie... worldwide. Rydin'! Rydin'! Rydin'! Hatchet r

6. Dumpin' Lyrics

Dumpin' Lyrics

Yeah muthafucka You got the album Now meet Bullet, Foe Foe, Cell Block, Full Clip And I'm Lil' Shank This Psychopathic Rydas muthafucka Cut em all out when you bust this fall Pop, pop, biggity bop Tha

7. Dem Bitches Lyrics

Dem Bitches Lyrics

Everybody wanna know who run Bitch, you know who the fuck run it We run it We always have and always will mothafucka, whut! Who play dem bitches like a ball game Rydas do Who play dem bitches like t

8. Everyday Lyrics

Everyday Lyrics

Everyday, everyday Psychopathic every Hey yo Twin Gats where you at dawg? Yeah, alright now let's uh Let Cell Block come on We rydin on suckas like everyday We blowin bitches back out in every way We

9. Ghetto Fantasies Lyrics

Ghetto Fantasies Lyrics

Seem like... seem like you're always tryin' to get to a Certain point, know what I'm sayin'? Once you get There, it ain't what you thought it was. So even the Realest mothafucka... mufuckas that seem

10. Who? Lyrics

Who? Lyrics

Bring it Cell Block, Twin Gats Full Clip, Foe Foe, Lil' Shank, Bullet Jeremy, Psychopathic Rydas Nipples, Tom Dub All up in that bitch ass Bubba Dub, Double A Stepdirt, Jump Steady, Billy Bill, Tom K

11. R-U-A Ryda? Lyrics

R-U-A Ryda? Lyrics

Hehe Hey yo This this bitch wanna know Is she a ryda? Hehehe R-U-A Ryda? I don't need you all up on my nuts no more That's what the wrinkles are there for, recognize Besides you could never ride with

12. Nobody In This Game Lyrics

Nobody In This Game Lyrics

All ya'll young mutha fuckers comin in the game Think ya'll gonna change this shit We the muthafuckin' Rydas bitch That's mutha fuckin' Cell Block That's Bullet That'

13. Scrimps Lyrics

Scrimps Lyrics

(Foe Foe:) 24 wit the gold tip, scrimps and juice all platinum wit the gold grip, about to get loose triple black windows like who dat is? Foe Foe and the Rydas in the big body Benz All my friends is

14. Intrizzo Lyrics

Intrizzo Lyrics

Once again, the earth beneath you crumbles As a convoy of black trucks rumbles into your town Back up in that ass once again Is the notorius lords of the underworld The one and only infamous Psychopat

15. Time 2 Ride Lyrics

Time 2 Ride Lyrics

(Converse) When we ride, you can't hide don't let me see ya Fuck you, bullets burn you're ass like gonorrhea My dirty ass bitch, Nina, you don't wanna see her Converse, much worse, I just might O-D ya

16. Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics

Run yo shit bitch! That's right bitch, you done fucked up real bad! And I'ma tell you why... cause if you look behind me you ain't gonna see nothin but a row of black trucks! Oak on steerin', leather

17. Murder Follows Me Lyrics

Murder Follows Me Lyrics

When I sit back Thank to myself How mothafuckin fucked up The World has become It seem like violence, is the only things us mothafuckas know now days Every time I turn around Everywhere I look It's an

18. Duk Da Fuk Down Lyrics

Duk Da Fuk Down Lyrics

When we ride, (Whoop Whoop) It's like an air wave, (Oh Shit) When we ride, (Whoop Whoop) It's like an air wave, (Oh shit) When the rydas is ridden upon ya Duck the fuck down When the rydas is ridden u

19. Bye Bye Lyrics

Bye Bye Lyrics

Jumpsteady Tom Dub Patrick Jason Av Curt Billy Jeremy Pickles Steve Barry Mike E Jesse Mike C Nathan Stephen (Hooha hooha) Eric J Dirty Nathan Don Bolion I blow ya throat piece off (hey) And you gon

20. Crackin' Lyrics

Crackin' Lyrics

(Foe Foe) I'm resurrected by the faith of my streets And I delete all my enemies quick with the heat My name is Foe Foe from the eastside where G's ride And all the chickens call me "Spanky" cause I s