Bright New Day Lyrics

By Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast
Take from Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast Recording Album

Oh, bright new day,
We're movin' away

Why ma'am?

We're startin' all over again

Linda... Linda.

Oh. Bright new day
We're going away


Where nobody's heard of our name

Moving away -- from here?

Where we can begin again,
Feel we can win and then
Live just like livin' should be.
Got a new situation,
A new destination
And no reputation following me.

Linda we're movin'...

So are we!

We're getting out
We're movin' house,
We're starting all over again.

Abba dabba do!

We're leavin' this mess
For our new address
"Sixty-five Skelmersdale Lane"

Is that in the country, mother?

What's it like there?

The air is so pure
You get drunk just by breathing,
And the washing stays clean on the line.
Where there's space for the kids
The garden's so big,
It would take you a week
Just to reach the far side
Come on Sammy, Mickey, now you've all gorra help 'em
Would you excuse us, we've gorra pack
We're movin' away

Oh, that's too bad.

Oh, isn't it sad

Praise the lord, he has delivered us at last

We mustn't scoff!

The Johnstones are off

Clap your hands
Grab your whistle
Give it a blast

Goodbye to the riff raff
The trash and the trouble

Goodbye to the scum and the scruff

Wherever you're going
We hope you go knowing

That as far as you're going
Won't be far enough!

Just pack the bags,
We're leavin' the rags,
The wobbly wardrobe,
Chest of drawers that never close.
The two legged chair, the carpet so bare.
You wouldn't see it if it wasn't for the holes
Now that we're movin'

Now that we're improvin'
Let's just wash our hands of this lot
For it's no longer fitting, for me to be sitting
On a sofa, I know for a fact was knocked off

Knocked off.

We might get a car,
Be all 'lahdie dah',
An' go drivin' out to the sands.

We're coming too!

At the weekend,
A gentleman friend,
Might take me dancing
To the local bands
We'll have a front room
And then if it should happen,
That His Holiness files in from Rome,
He can sit there with me,
Eating toast, drinking tea
In the sort of surroundings
That reimind him of home

It's like the country isn't it, ma'am?

Ey, we'll be alright out there son.
Away from the muck an' the dirt an' the bloody trouble
Eh, I could dance. Come here.

Get off...

Oh, bright new day,
We're movin' away,
We're startin' all over again.
Oh, bright new day,
We're goin' away,
Where' nobody's heard of our name.

Come on gang.
Let's go and play in that field,

Mickey, an' what are you laughin' at?

I'm not laughin'. I'm smilin'.
I haven' seen you happy like this for ages.

Well, I am happy now, eh? Jesus, where's the others?

They went into that field, ma'am.

Sammy! Sammy! Get off that bleedin' cow before I kill you.
That cow's a bull.

Now we can begin again,
Feel we can win an' then,
Live just like livin' should be.
Got a new situation,
A new destination,
An' no reputation following me.

We're gettin' out we're movin' house
We're goin' away. Gettin' out today.
We're movin' movin' movin' movin' movin' house.
We're goin' away, oh, bright new day.