That Guy Lyrics

By Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast
Take from Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast Recording Album

if I was like him
I'd know all the right words

If I was like him
I'd know some real birds
apart from those in my dreams
and in magazines
just look at his hair

his hair's dark and wavy

it just isn't fair

mine's the colour of gravy

each part of his face
is in just the right place, is
he laughing at me

at my nose, did he notice

i should wear a brace

that i've got halitosis

when nature picked on me
she chose to stick on me

eyes that don't match

i've got ears that stand out

she picked the wrong batch
when she handed mine out
and then she attacked me
with permanent acne

i wish I was a bit like
wish that I could score a hit like
be justa little bit like

that guy
that guy

i wish that I could be like
just a little less like me

like the kinda guy I see, like

that guy
that guy