The Robbery Lyrics

By Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast
Take from Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast Recording Album

there's a full moon shining
and a joker in the pack
the dealer's dealt the cards,
and he won't take them back
there's a black cat stalking
and a woman who's afraid
that there's no getting off
without the price being paid

don't mess about with me, pal... I said give!
listen, it's not a toy y' know. we're not playin'
games. y' don't get up again if one of these hits
y' ... what are you doin'? I said listen to me, I said...
don't you touch that. listen.


there's a man lies bleeding on a garage floor.

ouick, get in the house an' bolt the bleeding door.

and maybe, if you counted ten and kept your
fingers crossed
it would all be just a game and then no-one
would have lost

you shot him, you shot him.

i know I bloody did.

you shot him. you shot him.

move, i've got to get this hid.