Like a G Lyrics

By Zion I & The Grouch feat. Los Rakas
Take from Heroes In the Healing of the Nation Album

gyeah in my spaceship
feeling like an ancient
red-blue- choose matrix
homey take 6
plus 4 more-
breath in-out
get in or-der
calm down emo-tional
might- miss quotes
supposed to flow like
motion of a roller-coaster-
focus we supposed to grow
closer- reach the edge
might have a lot of visions
flickin your head-
but-take a picture
autograph it-
memory-zip lock the plastic
put it away-
save for later
everything i be
push thru the fader-
all greater-gravity
can’t hold me down
i’m baba z-
here’s a toast to the most
finally new z&g-
energy divine
put it up one time
all aligned born to shine
in one mind-

i’mma think how i wanna-
and create what i be
i’mma live my life from the t-o-p
you can make what you wanna
and create all ya see
go and live your life from the t-o-p-
like a g
like a g
like a g-o-d-

(los rakas)

livin' inside me is a mighty spirit
i'm gonna ride where it guides me and i see fit
perfectly flawed, they're all in awe when they near it
cause i draw it in the music and the writings a gift
i got one, you got one, all power, no coward
won't be devoured in this chaos hour, i'm a tower
i do my thing like i'm clean, write and mean what i say
when i dream it comes true all day, c-a, h-i, worldwide, godlike
no, sike, i''m god, that's right, no prob
it's all love, then sign it with my blood
i said it's all love and know that you're the i too